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Sunday, 22 August 2010


Churches throughout Britain recognised the hand of God which rested upon the two brothers and invites flooded in from churches willing to host their 'revival' meetings. George sensed that the Holy Spirit wanted him to relocate from Ireland to a more appropriate venue. So in 1921, it was with great sadness that the Elim work I Ireland said 'good-bye' to George as he left for a new an exciting venture, that would result in him seeing the biggest building filled to capacity with people hungry to hear the words that came from the heart of God.

A series of meetings were held in Leigh on Sea, Essex, where the first building on the mainland was purchased for this memorable occasion. Crowds of people came from neighbouring communities to support the revival meetings and as a result, an Elim fellowship was left in that town.

In January 1922 preparations were under way for George and Stephen to hld revival services in an old disused Methodist church in Clapham Park, Clapham. Meetings were held nightly for a month with wonderful results - "Conversions, healings, and baptisms in the Holy Spirit have followed at every meeting. Souls have been saved even at the open-air meetings. The large hall in the rear of the building is frequently filled, and sometimes overcrowded with anxious souls The following press reports will demonstrate the general effect of the meetings upon the minds of the public:-—
The Revival Meetings conducted by Pastor George Jeffreys, of Belfast, the old church at Park Crescent, attracting much attention by the testimonies of the converts who claim to have derived benefit from his ministry, it is evident that a Revival of the most apostolic type is in progress, Not only are they claiming to be relieved of burdened consciences. but publicly testifying to being healed of diseases through the faith cures. By the intense fervour of the worshippers one would conclude that the Revival is being enthusiastically supported by the congregation, which is composed of staid men and women of all classes and creeds."

This article was reported in the press at that time and later published in the Elim Evangel.
A building, from the outside looking as if it belonged to a bygone age, vet viewed from within, bright with glowing lamps. Such is the setting for the strange scenes winch are being enacted in a church in Park Crescent Clapham Park Road, where Pastor George Jeffreys, of Elim Tabernacle, Belfast, is preaching, The meetings are decidedly strange and in many ways are reminiscent of early Methodist Revivals, for one can hear the Hallelujahs and Amens resounding on all sides as the address is given. Many of those who claim to have received good at the meetings believe the preacher has been sent in answer to the prayers of the old Methodist saints, who in years gone by had reverently prayed and worshipped God within its walls The old church has been converted into a real apostolic centre, where people claim to have received miraculous gifts through the ministry of the Scriptures. Most remarkable testimonies have been given, including deaf people hearing suddenly. Some who were diseased prior to the application of the olive oil, which is lavishly used by the Pastor, now give glowing testimonies of faith healing. Conversions of a most striking type are reported daily as the irresistible power of his sermons penetrates the stoutest hearts. That a Revival is in progress no one can doubt.

The writer has had personal dealing with each of the following eases, and others just as remarkable are of constant occurrence — A. sister was healed of deafness after ten years' suffering. A brother was healed when anointed for deafness so that he could hear the ticking of a watch. A 78.year-old Christian lady, who had six cancers, was so overjoyed at the glorious result of the anointing that she is testifying everywhere of her deliverance from pain and suffering. A young man who came from Scotland on purpose to attend the meetings, and who described himself as a physical wreck," testified that he had received the full assurance of salvation, the baptism of the Spirit, and perfect healing of body, all within a week. The evening on which this brother received the baptism will be remembered by all present. Here was Acts x , 44, repeated in this twentieth century. While taking notes of the preacher's message the power of God came upon him, and, like Paul, he was prostrated. Every part of his being seemed charged with supernatural power, and his face shone with ineffable light. Those about him gave the following testimony —" We heard him speak with tongues and magnify God. Up to the present over fifty have received the Pentecostal baptism, and over one hundred have professed conversion.

The building was originally rented for twelve months, then purchased for the then pricey sum of £4,525.1s.9d, and the first Elim church in London was purchased. This was a great sacrifice, but the young movement rose to the challenge and within a very short space of time the debt was cleared and the 'revival services' were continuing in the now 'Elim Tabernacle, Clapham', which was to play a vital role in the life of the movement's history in the UK.

Clapham also played an important role in taking the Pentecostal message to other parts of the world. In March 1922 it was also reported that Miss Adelaide Henderson said farewell from Elim Tabernacle, Clapham to go to work in the Congo as reported in the April edition of the Elim Evangel. Later on people fare-welled from Clapham to work in many parts of the world.

Stephen left Wales and joined his brother in pastoring the new church, which was later to become known as 'Clapham Central Church' as this became the headquarters of the Elim movement. For five years the brothers pastored the work here, and at the same time took many opportunities to conduct services elsewhere in the UK. Everywhere they went signs and wonders followed the preaching of the Word of God.

Even though a building had been purchased in Clapham, members of the Evangelistic Band conducted further meeting in a tent nearby at Clapham Junction. People were still being converted and Christians were "being brought into a deeper Life with Him." (Oct 1923).

Another account of the many healings reported in the Elim Evangel:-
"....I was suffering from rupture, and was trusting the Lord for healing. I went to the Elim Tabernacle, Park Crescent, Clapham, on Thursday, April 5th. to the Water Baptismal Service, and while the service was going on the presence of God was felt all over the building, and I felt the Lord operating inside my body and, praise the Lord, He has healed me. I never shall cease to praise Him! G. Ryder (Notting Hill, London W 11)"

The many healings and miracles prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the 'gifts of the Holy Spirit' are as much for today as they were at the commencement of the Church 2,000 years ago. Here is a copy of a doctor's letter of a woman who testified in the Clapham Church in 1923 of being miraculously healed:-

180, Kennington Park Road. S.E 11.
15 April, 1921."I hereby certify that Edith May Cufiley has been under my professional care since December, 1917, and before that date, under my predecessor, the late Dr. it Foster Owen, for several years. She was rendered unfit for work in June, 1916, by reason of pulmonary tuberculosis, which was followed by spinal tuberculosis. She was more or less prostrated from that time until the 4th of April last, when she appears to have mysteriously recovered, having received no systematic treatment since her removal from a sanatorium in August, 1920. For the last two years she was crippled. bed-ridden, and believed to be incurable. In my opinion, she is now recovered and will soon be quite fit for work, and her cure can only be ascribed to her wonderful faith in prayer.
"(Signed) P. EUGENE GIUSEPPE, M B., C M., J.P., "
Late Government Medical Officer, Trinidad, B.W,I."

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