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" I believe the truth of The Foursquare Gospel and that the Lord Jesus Christ is still Saviour, Healer, Baptiser in The Holy Ghost and coming King".

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.

Learning from what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in the past, to inspire us for the how we han serve in present and future.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Where to find more infomation

I hope by looking at the various websites listed, you have been able to develop a picture of George and Stephen Jeffreys.

Much has been written about George Jeffreys due to the fact that he was the founder of the Elim movement, a little more has been said about the outstanding crusades conducted by George and Stephen Jeffreys and the amazing ways both men were used a vessels for the delivery of mighty miracles and acts of divine healing. Having said this, the greatest miracle of all seen was the salvation of countless thousands of souls.

I will give you as much information as possible to help you locate some of the books and articles already written.

Other than a book which was written by Edward Jeffreys (son of Stephen) in his book, “Stephen Jeffreys – the Beloved Evangelist,” mainly after his fathers death and some personal anecdotes Written by Stephen Jeffreys, no book is currently available which gives a biography of Pastor Stephen Jeffreys with the exception of a few books which have been written about The Pentecostal Movement or the Life of George Jeffreys. with the exception of

Having said this I have collated the information from the different reports featured on this website under the heading WHO WAS STEPHEN JEFFREYS which has already resulted in over fifty pages of inspiring reading! I believe if that if I was able to include the additional information which has been already written, an amazing book could be in the making! must have book for any Pentecostal believer, or anyone who wants to know about what the bible has to say about Divine healing and Miracles of healing today.
Another book called PENTICOSTAL RAYS was written by Principal George Jeffreys which was again a must have book for any Pentecostal believer, or anyone who wants to know about what the bible has to say about The Holy Spirit today. Unfortunately this book seems to be out of print at present! I will try and source copies if possible. this book if you can, this book is another must have!
OUTSTANDING WEBSITE OF MAGAZINES FROM ELIM & THE ASSEMBLES OF GOD ORGANISATIONS & LOTS MORE. see 1.Redemption Tidings 1924-1939(Pentecostal Collections)£29.99 2.Elim Evangel 1919-1935(Pentecostal Collections)£34.95 in online shop section.,M1 Part of this book is written about our subject.
Part of this book is written about our subject.