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" I believe the truth of The Foursquare Gospel and that the Lord Jesus Christ is still Saviour, Healer, Baptiser in The Holy Ghost and coming King".

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.

Learning from what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in the past, to inspire us for the how we han serve in present and future.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Ministry of the Miraculous

George Jeffreys: A Ministry of the Miraculous
(ISBN: 1852401966 / 1-85240-196-6 )
written by Pastor E.C.W Bolton Editor Chris Cartwright
Soverign World book Ltd po box 777 Tonbridge Kent TN11 0ZS England Distributed by renew books.

Christians are experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in the light of God's Word. For a Church thirsting for renewal, Gospel Light introduces a new line of books called Renew. Serving the fastest growing
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This is the only copy I was able to find on the internet. Click on picture for link to website 29th November 2011 THIS IS A MUST READ FOR EVERY PENTECOSTAL CHRISTIAN.
Publication Date: 1999-05
Binding: Paperback
189 Pages
Book Condition: Very Good
This is a re-print of the original book written by Pastor ERNEST.C.W Bolton Hardback Copy ELIM PUBLISHING OFFICE 16 CLAPHAM PARK ROAD. A chronicle of trial and triumph, being the story of the establishment and extension of the work of the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance printed by The Hulbert Publishing Co Ltd 1928 352 pages. For me this is the best one to get, but the above is worth having.

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