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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pastor Edward Jeffreys a short history.

Pastor Edward Jeffreys was born in 1899 in the Welsh mining valleys the only son of the 'Beloved Evangelist' Pastor Stephen Jeffreys. At a young age while on a visit to Crosshands, Edward was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. It was through his experience that his father and uncle, Stephen and George finally came to acknowledge this scriptural sign of baptism and they also received. He was baptised in water at the same time as his father and uncle. God's hand would rest upon this family mightily. His early years were spent watching his father's powerful ministry raise up a church in Llanlli and move the whole community. As he grew he would travel with his father often leading the singing, seeing multitudes converted and sick bodies healed in the great revival campaigns of the 20s. All this was a moulding influence in preparing him for God's call. By 1928 Edward was married and was in charge of a church at Southend-on-Sea in Essex England.
He had encouraged his father to open a door of opportunity for a friend of his to enter the ministry. And so Stephen while pioneering a work in Bristol (City of George Muller) had informed the people that Edward's friend Mr. Heard would Pastor the work. When Edward first arrived at the meetings with his friend they could hardly get into the 3000 seater, it was packed to overflowing. Over the previous twenty days over 1500 and stood in response to the gospel call. The presence of God was strong, sick bodies were being healed. The young man was awed and overcome, he turned to Edward and said "Brother I can't take this work on; it's far too big." When he informed his father, he said "Well , Eddie you must come here for three weeks until I can find a suitable man." As he arrived to start his own ministry that first night it was in great weakness, his knees literally trembled. His text was 'When they came to a place called Calvary, there they crucified Him.' To his great amazement 250 stood in response to receive Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Soon they had purchased their own building called the 'Bethel Temple'. The congregation on a Sunday morning was at 500 and much more in the evening. These were days of heaven on earth for him, God was preparing him for a similar ministry as that of his father and uncle. In 1929 he used Bristol as a base to start going forth to hold missions and plant churches in other places either in a tent or some building.
He spent 26 weeks of 1930 holding evangelistic healing campaigns across the country, tens of thousands came to meetings, the lost were saved and the sick healed. By this time the Bethel Evangelistic Society was made up of some 60 churches, mostly raised up out of the campaigns. Sadly by 1932 cracks began to show. First, there was unease about his 'leadership style, doctrine and perceived lack of financial accountability,' this led to the total advisory board of Bethel resigning and 12 of the churches leaving the association. Then in 1933 by way of preaching and writing Edward took a strong stand against believing in a separate experience of the baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. He felt some were living in carnality though speaking in tongues. He taught instead a Spirit lived life lived in godliness. All this distanced his work from the Pentecostal movement; as a result many others left Bethel for Elim or AoG.
Even so it was in 1934 that Edward reached the height of his evangelistic labours in Liverpool. In May he set up a tent in the Bootle area, they sought no help locally, had little financial help, they distributed a few leaflets and put a couple of small ads in papers. Suddenly the heavens opened and the Spirit of God moved. In each of the first three evenings blind eyes were opened. After two weeks 4000 people were gathering and every manner of disease, illness and injury was healed by the Masters hand. The numbers rose to 6000 then 8000. At one meeting over 700 responded to the Gospel, very often hundreds responded and on one particular day 3000 responded, with 10,000 in attendance. This tent was described as the biggest in the country. After 13 weeks there was still about 7000 people gathering every night. After 17 weeks 3-6000 were gathering every night. Churches were planted to carry on the work. In 1939 Principle George Jeffreys his uncle, (founder of the Elim Church), formed The Bible Pattern Church Fellowship, he persuaded his brothers Stephen and William to join him and finally Edward. For a few short years these greatly used family members laboured together. After the War Edward sold his church building in Southport to Elim, printed his father's testimony and parted company with George. As yet, it is not clear why!
With the Pentecostal Movement and years of Evangelistic Campaigning behind him he decided to join the Anglican ministry. In 1948 he was appointed minister of a church in North East London, then in 1953 he was appointed minister at another church a few miles away. His ministry as an Evangelist came into play once more and when he retired 12 years later he left a thriving church and work. In 1965 he moved to Bournemouth and died there in 1974.
I don’t believe that I have shared this story before, forgive me if have.

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Peter Simpson said...

Edward Jeffreys was by no means a full-time preacher from his youth, however, serving in the 1914-18 war first in the RFC and then as a prison camp attendant in France. He later had a variety of jobs, at some time becoming an FRGS. In 1921 he married Evelyn Arnold from Neath in South Wales, and they settled, firstly in Llanelli and then in London. They had 2 children, Arnold and Irona. During the 1920’s

Stephen Jeffreys was one of nine children born to Thomas and Kezia Jeffreys.

Thomas was a coal miner who suffered from asthma and died in1895of lung disease at the age of 47. Kezia died at the age of seventy-seven.

Stephen Jeffreys was born on 2nd September 1876 at Nantyffyllon,

Maesteg, in the South of Wales. He the third (some say forth) child of a large family of twelve children.

On Boxing Day, in the year 1898, Stephen was married to Elizabeth Anne Lewis, a farmer's daughter of Ynys-y-bwl at Bridgend. They were both twenty-three.

Stephen and Elizabeth had a son

Edward Jeffrey who was born on 6 October 1899 in Maesteg, South Wales, the only son among four children born to Stephen and Elizabeth Jeffreys. Stephen was a miner.

Edward married Evelyn Arnold from Neath in South Wales In 1921, they settled, firstly in Llanelli and then in London. They had two children, Arnold and Irona.

Edward and Eveline retired to Bournemouth in 1965 and Edward died on 6th November 1974. Eveline died in May 1997 when 97 years of age. Their son Arnold who was Secretary of the University of Lancaster until 1981 and died 3 years later, aged 61 years, and their daughter Irona retired in Bath.

Stephen and Elizabeth’s daughters were called, May, Gladys, and Lilian. (The last-named died at the age of six months).

Stephen had a brother William, who passed to his Eternal Home on 4th November 1945.

Stephen passed into the presence of the King! On Wednesday November 17th 1943.

Stephen had a younger brother George Jeffreys who was the sixth of nine children born February 28, 1889 and was named after an older brother who had died in early childhood. George was called to be with Christ January 26th 1962 aged 72.

As I believe I has mentioned before you can find lots more information about Stephen, George and Edward on