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" I believe the truth of The Foursquare Gospel and that the Lord Jesus Christ is still Saviour, Healer, Baptiser in The Holy Ghost and coming King".

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.

Learning from what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in the past, to inspire us for the how we han serve in present and future.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Between 2008 and 2016 You will see that I have tried to provide an extensive website on the life of two great Men of God. And the history of the Bible Pattern church fellowship during its existence in the UK. Sadly it seems to only a few churches which still exist. 

have tried taking you on a whistle stop trip around the world to the places, stories, pictures, sounds and lives of people who will tell you the story about my Great Great Uncle George (principle, or prince to those close to him) and Stephen Jeffreys. 

have put the site together in any particular order at this stage. But I tried to give you as much information as possible from as many places and people as possible. 

Sadly I have reached 2019, and have had little feedback or additional articles or information to add to my own research. I know it has helped a few students doing research and some folk who attended a Bible Pattern church. I am glad for the help it has been to you. 

I have paused my research which was primary for my own interest and whilst doing so shared what I found for the benefit and interest of yourselves.  

For the future, I will keep the Blog and Facebook page live. Please feel free to send me any information (Via the comment boxes in each article on the blog, and I will reply or share with others according to your wishes).  pictures or stories that you would like to share as we endeavour to bring glory to Almighty God for the great things he has and is still doing through the legacy of two faithful Men: endeavouring to share the greatest news in the world, the good news of the Gospel of salvation through The Lord Jesus Christ. 


David George said...


I just stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading the articles, but I have been intrigued that you refer to 'Principle George Jefferys' eg. "my Great Great Uncle George (principle, or prince to those close to him)"

I had always understood the title to be 'Principal' and referring to him being the Principal (i.e. senior lecturer) at the Bible College.

Every blessing,

David George

Peter Simpson said...

Dear David, I take your point, George Jefferys' eg. "my Great Great Uncle George because I am related to him and the title (principle was as you correctly pointed out, referring to him being the Principal (i.e. senior lecturer) at the Elim Bible College which he was the founder. The title prince was used by fellow pastors who were close to him)" maybe they should have not done it as at the end of the day Pastor George Jefferies was a humble servant of God, but he had shown so much love and support for his fellow pastors and team members who he had worked so closely with, that member of the revival team referred to him as Prince.

This title was only used by a handful of pastors and maybe I should have not let the cat out of the bag! Sorry. I am so encouraged to know you have enjoyed reading the articles. I am sure you agree when you find a Man of God who loves the Lord and His word and is a spirit-filled man or woman of God it is hard not to find yourself being drawn into a close relationship of common appreciation and love of your Heavenly Father and His word.

We have so few of the caliber as we once had and I struggle greatly for the lack of such folk in my Life. Which is why I can forgive the affectionate title, which was used. O how I wish we had a couple of George, Stephen, and William Jefferys in the world today.

The word of faith movement is so far removed from the dignified, reverent way people were prayed for at the meetings my family attended and personally witnessed wonderful miracles taking place and genuine conversion and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In addition, all this without constant appeals for money and lavish lifestyles. Just Humble servants of the Lord longing to fulfill the great commission and the will of God.

Thank you for your encouragement, sorry for taking so long to reply.

Every Blessing


David George said...

Hello Peter,

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. In my teens I sat under the ministry of Eric Dando, he too was sometimes referred to as 'Prince'.

The period of history your blog covers is very interesting. I assume that what happened in Wales was happening across the UK. Most of the denominational churches were collapsing into theological liberalism and had largely lost the gospel when the Lord raised up that godly generation. I am serving a Baptist church that was founded in 1860 through an evangelical ministry but within 40 years, like so many other churches, it had lost the gospel. As a result, when the '04/5 revival took place many converts were brought into congregations where they were hearing a message very different from the gospel by which they were saved.
Our church records show that 70 members were added in '05, but six months later they left and established a new church.

The subsequent history of the churches is very instructive. The church I serve continued to dwindle so that by 1960 it was reduced to 12 people, of whom only one was a believer. The other church thrived for fifty years, and then called a liberal minister. Soon after, the church I served called a gospel man who preached here for forty years before I arrived in 1990. That same year, the building of the church was demolished. A congregation cannot last long without the gospel.

Sadly, I think this is why the Pentecostal churches have suffered such a decline. As you have intimated, many have been seduced to exchange what is priceless for dross, and the undiscerning follow that to their destruction. May the Lord raise up a new godly generation and preserve a testimony to His Name in our land!Every blessing,