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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A vision for Ireland

A vision for Ireland showed a gold ring – representing the first Elim Assembly – out of which came many other rings.

I must mention the vision given to a sister who was a most consistent follower of the Lord, and who most faithful to the Elim work. At the time this vision was given she knew nothing of the plans proposed in Monaghan (the beginning of the Elim work).

The vision consisted of a large, golden ring out of which came a dazzling brightness –brighter than the sun at noonday– and out of the ring ran many other rings in all directions. She prayed to God for the interpretation, and it was given:
”The large ring is the first Elim Assembly, and out of it shall come many other assemblies.” To her it was no idle dream.

Leaving but little impression. It was a vision given by God, one that was stamped indelibly upon her heart, and which was meant to be actually fulfilled. As I write these words my heart flows out in praise and thanksgiving to God, for he has caused it to come to pass! Out of a mere handful of Christians– devoted followers of Christ, who knew something about praying and thirsting for souls
have come workers who have gone forth with the sword of the Spirit, and with the shield of faith, who have walked in the train of Christ’s triumph, and who have reaped the fruit of that corn of wheat that fell into the ground. Lives and homes have been transformed on all hands. The garment of praise from the wardrobe of heaven has been given to many who previously were garbed in the robe of sadness and gloom. The oil of gladness has been poured into mourners’ hearts, and they have been filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

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