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Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

A response to Darren Brown on Channel 4 tv uk this week. There are some false faith healers, but George and Stephen were real servants of God!

From A Crusade in Sunderland 1927.
Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.

Pastor Stephen Jeffreys said the world needed a new revelation of Christ, Whose power was the same today as ever it had been.
That had been demonstrated by the success that had marked the mission he (the Pastor) had conducted at Bishop Auckland, where in the course of five weeks 2,000 persons had been converted and the blind and sick healed of their infirmities. Spiritual blindness was the characteristic of the present age. The signs of the times pointed to the imminent second coming of Christ, Who was preparing a new race for His coming. "We stand on the threshold of a new dispensation," the Pastor said. The present dispensation was closing with the signs and wonders as set out in the Scriptures. That could not be understood unless the new revelation had been received. To be without God was to be without hope. Salvation through Jesus Christ made men and women new
"No matter how religious you are," he declared, "you must be made anew. Jesus did not come to give religion. He said I am come to give you life. .... Put your religion in the waste paper basket if you are not saved and go in for eternal life. There are some people who go to services to hear what kind of grammar the preacher has, to know how much eloquence he has. Well, thank God, I have more grace than grammar, more grace than Greek."
Pastor Jeffreys takes a gloomy view of the state of the world. The world is getting worse, he thinks, it is getting into the condition which Jesus said it would be in when He would come, and the Pastor says he can expect Jesus to come at any moment.
An address was given by the Rev. J. Adams, Vicar of Wall, Staffordshire, who described how he had benefited by divine healing under Pastor Jeffreys. Divine healing had put 30 years on to his life.
The Vicar described, too, how when Pastor Jeffreys laid hands on him he also restored vision to a little girl's eye. One eye was missing, the socket was empty. After Pastor Jeffreys and his helpers had laid hands on her she had a brand new eye which matched the other one, and she was able to see with it.
A woman who stated that she had been deaf for 47 years announced her ability to hear, and a girl who was said to have been unable to walk for several years, was able to leave her invalid bed and walk off the platform without assistance.
Another patient stated that she had regained the use of her right hand that had been useless for years because of rheumatism. Scenes of remarkable enthusiasm were witnessed.
One woman, who had a little blind girl with her, was very insistent that the girl should be treated, and though the Pastor had finished his work for the afternoon he took the mother and child into an ante-room and there laid his hands on the girl, whose sight was stated to have been immediately restored.
Marvellous secrets were being revealed to those who to-day followed Christ, said Pastor Jeffreys. He believed the greatest tribulation the world had ever known was coming. God was calling His Church to get ready, to separate herself from the world.
He had received a Divine command, and was fighting time by running up and down the country warning people that the Master might come at any moment. He might be preaching there and suddenly hundreds of seats might be emptied, the people being "caught up" to their Lord.
The world was waiting for a leader, a strong leader, to lead the masses. The world had rejected Christ, and Anti-Christ was coming. The world would get its leader. Would they have him? Yes! Christ would also come and lead his people, and take His Church out of this world into a place of safety. Then He would come back to set up His kingdom.
The laying-on of hands by the Pastor, assisted by the Rev. J. Adams (Vicar of Wall, Staffs), followed. A woman paralyzed for 18 years declared herself cured. A blind woman received her sight, a young girl was reported cured of paralysis in the left arm and leg, a woman was healed of paralysis in the hands, while cases of deafness and various minor ailments were treated in quick succession, all patients declaring themselves healed.
When asked to explain how such results are brought about, the Pastor replied, "I only believe the Word of God. I never say I can heal anyone, but I say the Word of God stands. It is His Word that is taken, not mine. I take him at His word. I know I have been baptised with the Holy Ghost, and that is the outfit for preaching the Gospel and healing the sick — the baptism of the Holy Ghost, according to the Word of God."

When it was pointed out to the Pastor that he seemed alone in being able to exercise a special gift of healing, he replied that there were many others throughout the world doing the same thing. "Some of us are more prominent than others," he said, but he also pointed out that not all the Apostles of Christ were equally well equipped to perform miracles.
"Do you regard these as miracles, then," he was asked. "I do regard them as miracles," he answered. "There is healing by faith and healing by faith recorded in the Word of God."
"You explain it purely on Gospel lines?"
"Yes," replied Pastor Jeffreys, and referred his interviewer to Mark XVI., which says, "And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name they will cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."
"It is not animal magnetism or hypnotism which causes the cures," he was asked. "I don't know anything about those things at all," replied the Pastor. "I only know the Lord Jesus Christ equipped me with power to preach the Gospel. I remember His word and expect Him to fulfil it, and He does it."
In an address based on the parable of the Prodigal Son, Pastor Jeffreys said the spirit of the age was loose and lawless; disobedience to parents was ruining the homes of the land, and impurity, intemperence and gambling were eating into the vitals of the youth of the nation. As one who had seen the dangers of young life he warned them of the terrible consequences, and that unless God took hold of them and gave them a new heart they would end on the scrap heap of humanity.

The Pastor, who was received with a remarkable demonstration of popular favour, said there was no human cure for sin. Reformation might be tried by joining a church or trying to make the best of life, but only the way of salvation as declared by Jesus Christ could give a change of heart. While he appreciated the work of the churches, the need of England to-day was for prophets of God to bring conviction to the people of their necessity for a spiritual revelation which would bring the power of God to bear upon the life of the nation. If the young people who had accepted salvation in the revival campaign he was conducting were to witness boldly for Christ their influence would have wonderful results.

We have been greatly concerned during the last year to read and watch disturbing reports of false acts of divine healings and miracles. May I stress that what you will read on my website about the Jeffrey brothers and their associate pastors is genuine. I will go into more detail about this in the future. Meanwhile the following website will help to expose some of the people who are doing great harm to the work of Christ and making some doubt some of what I know to be true on this website.

There are still some genuine Servants of God around today, but beware of false men and women. Use God’s Word and the Power of the Holy Spirit to guide you!

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Peter Simpson said...

Dear Thomas

Thank you for your response. In answer to your question about some of the miracles which took place during the crusades conducted by George Jeffreys.

Yes a record was kept of many of the persons who were healed. I am aware today that many claims have been made by evangelists Pastors etc of certain healings taking place only to be discredited. This has done great harm to the Church of Christ.

George Jeffreys was so keen to undertake his Ministry with integrity, and for this reason he requested Pastor R. E. Darragh and Pastor A. W. Edsor to take the names and address of many of those prayed for so they could keep in touch with these people and enquire to there progress. When some of the Crusades were a few weeks long, people who had been prayed for weeks before were asked to give testimonies of Gods Divine healing touch or their instant healing (a miracle) had taken place. Often these were often verified by a Doctors confirmation and Medical records.

I have a book entitled “In Defense of His Word” written by Pastor R. E. Darragh. It is packed with photographs and testimonies of the healing touch of Christ. This was genuine, be rest assured. What you will read about in the Bible about the miracles of Jesus was possible in the days of George, Stephen and Edward Jeffreys and is still possible today. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever Hebrews 13:8.