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Thursday, 16 June 2011

George Jeffreys’ remarkable account of how Elim started

we re-publish Elim founder George Jeffreys’ remarkable account
of how the Movement started out in Ireland. Here Jeffreys testifies
to God’s faithfulness as a prophecy is fulfilled
after the prayerful and
determined efforts of just a few committed believers bore fruit.
How Elim ministry in Ireland
began with fulfilled prophecy

Pentecostal trailblazer George Jeffreys visits Ireland
where faith and vision puts Elim on the map
I regard the county town of
Monaghan which is situated
some 50 miles from the city of
Belfast, and which has a mixed
population of Roman Catholics
and Protestants, as being the
birthplace of this work.
In January 1915 I crossed
over from England for the
purpose of conducting a mission
in Monaghan and, during my
stay, a meeting was held in a
Temperance Hotel. There a
number of young businessmen
discussed the question of how
to reach their country with the
full gospel – for spirit, soul, and
body – and to spread the news
of the Pentecostal outpouring of
the Holy Ghost.
They were seekers after
God, and had been convinced
that the baptism of the Holy
Ghost with signs following was
for each of them and for all Christians
who would believe. At this
time, not one in the town had
received the experience, but
they had seen the truth in the
Word, and could well afford to
trust the Author of the Word to
come in his fullness to them.
At this meeting I definitely decided
to accept their invitation to
commence operations for a permanent
work in the country, and
a movement was set in motion
to secure a gospel tent for this
purpose. In June of the same
year, a tent was pitched in the
town and the Lord smiled upon
our effort as we began to walk in
the path we knew God had
mapped out for us. About this
time a dear brother in Belfast had
also been touched by the Lord
regarding a work in Ireland and,
at his invitation, a centre was
opened in the city. The first
meeting was held in his home in
August of the same year, when
the Elim Assembly was formed.
This assembly has since been the
headquarters of the work.
Efforts were put forth by the
brethren concerned to secure
a hall, and one was procured in
a most needy district. It was
opened in the month of October,
when a special mission was
held, in which numbers came to
the foot of the cross and found
that salvation which Christ alone
can give.

I must at this juncture
mention the vision given to the
sister at the commencement –
a sister who up to the present
time has been a most consistent
The vision consisted
of a large, golden ring
out of which came
a dazzling brightness.
follower of the Master, and who
has been most faithful to the
Elim work. At the time this vision
was given she knew nothing of
the plans proposed in Monaghan.
The vision consisted of a
large, golden ring out of which
came a dazzling brightness –
brighter than the sun at noonday
– and out of the ring ran
many other rings in all directions.
She prayed to God for the
interpretation, and it was given:
“The large ring is the first Elim
Assembly, and out of it shall
come many other assemblies.”
To her it was no idle dream
in which a vagary or phantom
had passed over the mind,
leaving but little impression. It
was a vision given by God, one
that was stamped indelibly upon
her heart, and which was meant
to be actually fulfilled.
As I write these words my
heart flows out in praise and
thanksgiving to God, for he has
caused it to come to pass! Out
of a mere handful of Christians
– devoted followers of Christ,
who knew something about
praying and thirsting for souls –
have come workers who have
gone forth with the sword of the
Spirit, and with the shield of
faith, who have walked in the
train of his triumph, and who
have reaped the fruit of that
corn of wheat that fell into the
ground and died.
Lives and homes have been
transformed on all hands. The
garment of praise from the
wardrobe of heaven has been
given to many who previously
were garbed in the robe of
sadness and gloom. The oil of
gladness has been poured into
mourners’ hearts, and they have
been filled with joy unspeakable
and full of glory.
At the time of writing, there
are 15 permanent assemblies
and 21 workers who have
Workers have
gone forth with
the sword of
the Spirit, and
with the shield
of faith, and
have walked
in the train
of his triumph.
entered the regular work of the
ministry since the commencement.
Three of the young men
who met at that first meeting in
Monaghan are now in this work
of the Lord. To God be all the
praise! The glorious gospel has
and is being proclaimed, and the
signs follow.
Such blessed results have not
been given without the willingness
to suffer, without the determination
to stand firm against all
opposition, and without being
called upon to pass through testing
times – financial and otherwise.
Yet in all tests and trials our
God has proved himself to be all sufficient.
No salary is paid to any
pastor or evangelist. Each one
has to trust God individually. The
only tie that binds is the one of
love and unity in the gospel of
Jesus Christ.

Not long after the work
started it became necessary to
form a council, and in this again
most loyal and practical friends
consented to take responsibility.
Please pray that the good news
may spread still further, and that
those who carry the message
may be kept walking in the light.
To God be all the glory, and to
God be all the praise!
Blessed results have not
been given without the
determination to stand
firm against all opposition.
Reproduced from an early edition
of the Elim Evangel

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