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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Where Did George Jeffreys Live and Pastor in Belfast

I thought you might find it interesting to know where Pastor George Jeffreys lived during his time as the Pastor of the first and second Elim church in Belfast Northern Ireland.

The First Elim Church was in Hunter Street in Belfast. This Street no longer exists, but I am informed by local residents that Hunter Street ran between Matilda Street and Oswald Street. Sadly these streets have now gone but if you wish to locate the approximate location of the first Elim Church, make your way to Shaftsbury Square then to Donegal road, the side roads leading off Donegal road opposite the City Hospital will give you the general location of where Hunter Street used to be. As a point of interest Hunter Park and Matilda Gardens are close by to help pin point the area. There is still an Elim church nearby which is known as South Belfast Elim Church Donegall Pass Belfast. See my post on Wednesday, 24 March 2010.

Before going to Belfast to establish the first Elim Church pastor George Jeffreys had met George and William Gillespie in 1913 at the Sunderland Convention, after hearing the Preaching of George Jeffreys the Gillespie brothers sent invitations to George Jeffreys and Mr R.E. Darragh to stay at Pine Street which was just around the corner from where the Donegall Pass church now stands. Sadly Pine Street has now gone. But thanks to the Hospitality shown in Belfast the Monahan meetings soon followed and the establishment of the first Elim church nearby at Hunter Street.

Whilst serving as Pastor of the Hunter Street Church Pastor George Jeffreys lived within a ten minute walk in University Avenue (if ever you are in town, drop me a line and I will give you the house number).

Melbourne Street Was the second Location. Part of the street was cut off by the A12 West link being built, Melbourne Street can now be found at the end of Brown Street which is off the B126 Millfield found behind Smithfield Market. I was thrilled to find out this information because this is round the corner from where I park on a Saturday to make my way to the Open Air Evangelistic Outreach in Corn Market.

If you would like more detailed information why not purchase the book by James Robinson called Pentecostal Origins ( see advert and website link on the bottom left hand side of the webpage).

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