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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Confirmed the Word with signs following.

God has graciously honored the ministry of Pastor Stephen Jeffreys, brother of George Jeffreys, in the salvation of souls, and has continually confirmed the Word with signs following. J. W. Adams, an Episcopal minister of Wall, Litchfield, Staffs., writes: "While in London I went to Surrey Tabernacle, Walworth, and though at first somewhat prejudiced, I was profoundly impressed that Pastor Jeffreys and his helpers were instruments of the Lord Jesus in healing all manner of sickness. After being given up by doctors and turned away from hospitals, the blind received their sight, the deaf heard, the dumb spoke, cancer was cured, and the lame leaped for joy. Above all, the gospel was preached to rich and poor alike."

One who attended Stephen Jeffreys' campaign at Bishop Auckland wrote as follows: "There have been as many as 1,500 turned away disappointed after waiting in line two hours before the commencement of the service, who have complained, `When we have a bit of gospel we cannot get in to hear it.' There have been some wonderful divine healing cases-- the lame walking, the deaf hearing, and all manner of diseases healed in the name of Jesus. A born-blind girl, twelve years of age, from Newcastle on Tyne, received her sight, and the first face she saw in the world was the pastor's. A dear man who had been in an invalid's carriage and on crutches for seven years, came to the meeting on Friday night and could hardly move on his crutches, an object of pity. The pastor laid hands on him as he sat helpless in the chair. Immediately he came to his feet, and putting his crutches on his shoulder, walked home. This man walked into the meeting on Sunday night, and as soon as he was noticed the whole congregation of 1,000 began clapping their hands as they saw him mount the platform. This man has come every night since, dancing and leaping for joy. Another woman, Monday night, never able to walk from birth, of about forty-five years, was prayed for. As the evangelist laid hands on her she stood and walked, and then in sheer joy sobbed."

Mr. T. D. Dorling writes: "During the month here at Bishop Auckland, over 2,000 souls confessed the Lord as their Saviour, a church being formed which now fills the Eden theater holding 1,200 people on a Sunday evening."

"On September 3, 1927, a campaign commenced at Victoria Hall, Sunderland. The Lord came down in mighty power and testified to His presence in a manner that set the county heaving. Crowds gathered from distant towns, creating a situation which had to be taken in hand by the police. Twice a day thousands of people were divided into queues by mounted and foot police, and when 3,000 had been admitted to the hall, often a larger number remained outside to be dispersed by the police or reformed into queues to wait for the next meeting. Probably never before in England have such services been witnessed in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. So mightily was the Spirit outpoured that at ten p. m. queues were formed, standing or sitting, throughout the whole night till three p. m. the next day, sympathetic hearts ministering to the crowds-- some with their sick-- throughout the night, supplying hot tea and eatables.

"An inspection in the early hours of the morning revealed some stirring examples and deep pathos of human love and sympathy. An aged mother reclining on the flagstone was holding the place for a crippled son, who could not spend the night in the open. A young woman resting on the pavement was ministering throughout the night to her sick husband. Each story told a need and a sacrifice through love. Ambulances, cabs and a variety of vehicles brought the sick and suffering and numbers were immediately raised from stretchers and testified in a practical manner of their healing. Such mighty demonstrations of the power and virtue of Calvary increased the interest, and the crowds, from which the Lord drew an abundant harvest -3,300 souls passed through the enquiry rooms or confessed the Lord as their Saviour; forming a church so numerous as to create a difficulty to find a place to accommodate them. This work has since spread to Seaham Harbour, where a second church has been formed in a hall holding 1,000."

One who attended the revival meeting held by Stephen Jeffreys in Bury, wrote: "We have daily seen wonderful miracles of healing and salvation. Seven blind eyes have been opened, deaf have regained their hearing, the lame have discarded crutches, and the dead in trespasses and sins have been raised to newness of life. One Thursday afternoon two cases of cancer were prayed for and both were healed. One of these two was Mrs. Wall, The Homestead, Woodland Ave., Gorton, Manchester.

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