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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Lord’s healing power in Brighton, Portsmouth & Bournemouth

Over 1,200 were swept into the kingdom in one campaign held , and 300 gave testimony to the Lord’s healing power. One who attended this meeting writes: ‘Hundreds of people have testified in the meeting to having been healed. People who only a few weeks ago were bedridden, or wheeled about in chairs, are today walking and praising God for His kindness in healing them. Lame ones, who moved only by the aid of crutches, are able to dispense with these. Deaf ones have been made to hear, blind ones to see, fourteen testified to having been cured of cancer, tuberculosis, or tumor’.

Mr. Percy G. Parker wrote of a revival campaign held by George Jeffreys at Portsmouth: ‘Hundreds testified to healing, two at least had been wheeled into the meetings a few days before. One for fifteen years and the other for twenty years had been wheeled about helpless, but lo! they walked before us healed! The useless leg of one had faded to a skeleton. Not only was she instantly healed but her flesh returned as fresh and full as the other. A little girlie of about three years of age had been healed of paralysis of both arms. She held them up before us. Another had been blind in her right eye for many years. Now she sees! Growths, dislocations, deafness, rupture, even sugar diabetes have all disappeared before the touch of the Master.

We are living in the days of the acts of the Holy Ghost – thank God for it! Our eyes are seeing what hundreds of thousands of the redeemed ones have been groaning for. At this last meeting no less than 130 people signified their acceptance of Christ’.

The following is a newspaper clipping from the Bournemouth Times and Directory, by a special reporter, Marion Holmes: ‘If I had gone to the big tent – where Principal George Jeffreys has been holding revival and healing meetings – to scoff, I should certainly have remained to pray. But I did not go to scoff, I went to see if the wonderful cures of which I had heard were really taking place, and to decide – if I could – whether they were due, as some said, to hysterical excitement, or to something much greater and more permanent in its effects. I went, I saw, and I was conquered …. The gift of sight to a boy, who – so I was told – was born blind, was conferred at the same meeting; and I was given the particulars of the healing of a severe and long-standing case of spinal trouble by the grateful patient himself. Cases of cancer, goiter, rheumatism, nerve trouble, curvature of the spine, hereditary deafness, asthma, and numerous others have been cured at other meetings’.

The following incident is one of the after-effects of the revival meeting held at Bournemouth. It is taken from the Daily Chronicle, a London newspaper: ‘After being crippled from early childhood, owing to a diseased hip, Lindley Lodge, aged 26, of Highfield Road, Salisbury, has been cured by prayer. She has cast aside a surgical shoe, a splint, and surgical irons, and now wears ordinary shoes. Miss Lodge has been a patient in Salisbury infirmary about 20 times since she was five years old, and has had a number of operations, yet for the most part she has had to be wheeled in a chair. When last discharged from the infirmary a few months ago she was told that, failing relief of her pain, it would be necessary to amputate the leg. She agreed to this course, but decided to wait until after Christmas. In the meantime, however, a friend communicated with Pastor Fergus Trevor, of Bournemouth, who sent a message that at 3:20 p. m. on a certain day, special prayer would be offered for her. ‘I had heard of a person at Bournemouth being cured of curvature of the spine by prayer’, she told a Chronicle reporter, ‘and just before three o’clock that day I went into my room, took off my splint and irons, and feeling sure that I should not wear them again, I began to pray. Then something happened – I do not know what – but when I came to myself I could walk around the room. That was at 3:25. I flew downstairs to tell my parents. They were dumbfounded’. Within a week Miss Lodge had discarded her shoe, which had a sole 3,5 inches thick, and has worn shoes one of which had merely an extra layer of leather on the sole. The leg which was previously four inches short is now pratically normal’.

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