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Monday, 5 September 2011

George Jeffreys' Crusades in Liverpool 1926 part 2

The Boxing Stadium

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It was not long before it was realised that the church building was far too small to hold the crowds that were wishing to come to the meetings, with many being unable to gain admittance. A step of faith was, therefore, taken to hire the 5000 seater Boxing Stadium for five days from Wednesday 24th March to Sunday 28th March. This step of faith was amply rewarded, because as can be seen from the above photo taken from one of the services, the Stadium was well filled. The Elim Evangel of 15th April 1926 carried the following report:

"The City of Liverpool has been powerfully moved by the wonderful Revival Campaign at Windsor Street Chapel, and the large Boxing Stadium. Beginning with a comparatively small congregation of a few dozen the numbers grew rapidly to hundreds and then thousands. True revival fervour was in evidence, with hundreds of souls, over 800 in all were saved, with numbers of sick bodies healed."

Both the Daily Despatch and the Daily Post & Mercury, respectively, carried reports of the Boxing Stadium Services, as follows:

"Using the roped enclosure of the Boxing Stadium as his pulpit Pastor George Jeffreys, whose Revival and Healing Campaign has been attracting immense crowds at Liverpool recently, conducted two immense services in the Boxing Stadium yesterday. The evening service was attended by close on 3000 people and the same enthusiasm which marked the services in the small chapel in Windsor Street where many remarkable 'cures' have been claimed was manifested last night. Over 100 men, women and children spoke of their individual 'cures'." (Daily Despatch).

"Last night the campaign closed to the singing of many hymns by a very large congregation, who sometimes waved their hymn papers in the air as they sang, so that the Stadium looked like a place where a distinguished visitor was being greeted by a waving of flags. Those who later came forward to testify that they had benefited from the healing service included:

A man who told the congregation that he had suffered a severe accident at a Merseyside factory, and that he had left hospital with some paralysis of the wrist, finger, and foot. This paralysis he declared had disappeared when Pastor Jeffreys prayed over him and he showed the congregation how supple his affected members had become.
A young boy said that he had a tubercular hip, and had been told by the doctors that he would have to undergo his fifth operation, 'but, thank the Lord, I won't' he called out, for he declared that his hip had benefited from the praying over him, and the people cheered his declaration.
A woman who declared herself cured jumped up and down with joy as she faced the congregation from the ringside.
A girl that had always stammered, repeated a text in a firm voice.
A girl who had suffered from weak eyes declared that she could look into the strong electric light over the boxing-ring.
A man said that he had been completely cured of a disease that the pastor declined to mention by name.
These testimonies were punctuated with cries of 'Allelujah' from the audience." (Daily Post & Mercury).

The departure scene of the Pastor from Liverpool was quite moving and numbers turned out to wish him God-speed. One young man gave his heart to the Lord and many shed tears freely as they said goodbye to the man that, in God's hands had touched a tender chord in their heart, had won them for the Master, had healed their sick bodies and had restored many a backslider to the Lord and had brought happiness into the lives and homes of so many (Elim Evangel 15/4/26).

The effect of this crusade was an enduring one as will be seen from the following report from the Elim Church three months later:

"The work is steadily progressing in Liverpool. Hundreds of those who have been delivered from the chain of darkness are rejoicing in the Lord and drinking in the Word of life. Souls are being added almost daily to this living Church, where instead of darkness and gloom, the True Light now shineth, and the high praises of God are heard. Many burdened ones are still able to find relief to their burdened souls and diseased bodies. Among those who have recently felt the touch of the nail pierced hand, is a little boy who was going to have an operation on his knee. After being prayed for in the Name of Jesus, he needed no operation, and is now able to walk, the splints being removed. Others having rheumatism, heart trouble, growth, etc, have been instantly delivered, are now enjoying liberty in soul and body, having proved the faithfulness of God to His Word. To God be the praise." (Elim Evangel 1/7/26)

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