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Sunday, 25 September 2011

I feel the need to pay a debt of Gratitude to The Bible Pattern Church.

I was recently informed of members of my Church coming into contact with the Bible Pattern Church in Blackpool. I carried out a search on the internet and was pleased to find that they had a website which I greatly enjoyed reading. It was encouraging to be able to see the times of the services and the activities taking place, it was good to know that I would be able to contact them by phone or email.

I then wrote an email to the Pastor hoping to encourage him and at the same time found myself asking about other similar Bible Pattern Churches. Sadly after searching for other Bible Pattern Churches I found that unlike the Blackpool Church some of the existing Churches did not have a website and therefore might not be able to reach as many people with the Good news of Gospel not to mention the Fellowship which other similar Churches might be able to have if they were able to be in a closer awareness of each other and being able to encourage, pray and have fellowship with each other.

The next Morning I awoke with a strong conviction to do something about the matter, I started by looking for the Grafton Square Church in Clapham London. A few years ago I had travelled up to London on Business and found my afternoon free which I used to search out the grave of my Great Great Uncle George Jeffreys and Pastor R. E. Darragh. I then made my way to find the Clapham Church, I was thrilled to see that services were taking place and only wished a mid week service had been taking place that day to be able to meet and encourage the Pastor and members. After my return to Bournemouth I was able to contact the Pastor on the telephone who very kindly sent me some of their magazines.

You can imagine my horror and great upset to find on the internet the church had been converted into flats! I told the Lord that I wish I had been able to do something for those dear brothers and sister in Christ to avoid this happening. My Heavenly Father knows I would have done whatever he called me to do.

You will now see that I have set up an additional website to this one called The Bible Pattern Church
which I pray will be a Blessing and help to the existing Churches. A part of me wishes I could go around all of all of these Churches to encourage them and set up a website of their own. But for now I must obey the calling I have to serve the Lord as an Evangelist working with a faithful band of Fellow Members of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast and in a small way follow in the footsteps of Principle George Jefferies who founded the First Elim Church in the same city.

I trust you will find the additional website interesting and a Blessing to my Brothers and Sisters in the Bible Pattern Churches around the UK.

There is a lot more of the story to share with you involving my parents, grandparents, Great Uncle and many Brothers and sister in the Lord. Maybe it will be possible to do this on the Additional Website.


Pesha said...

Your reference to our website at was such an encouragement.

We at Bible Pattern Church in Blackpool trust people will pray about this part of our ministry and people will have their hearts open to the truths of the Gospel and will be built up in their Christian life.

I personally remember hearing Principal George Jeffreys when he came to Blackpool

Pat (website administrator)

Peter Simpson said...

Hi Pesha
Thank you very much for your encouragemernt. I was thrilled that you were able to attend some of George Jeffreys meetings, feel free to log onto
I pray that you will know Gods blessing in the years ahead at BBPC!
God bless you and yours
Peter Simpson