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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

America,New Zealand and Australia. with Tom Thomas

I am making good headway with my book about Pastor Stephen Jeffreys, I recived an enquiry about the Evangelist Tom Thomas and his connnection with Stephen Jeffreys who he somtimes accompanied.

I just happened to be at the point in writting my book about Pastor Stephen Jeffreys which covers this question. I hope you find the following intereseting.

Stephen sailed for America and then on to New Zealand and Australia.
Large crowds thronged his meetings in America. In Springfield, where the General Offices of the American Assemblies of God are located, he was specially blessed. 3,000 were in the meetings and people started queueing at five o'clock in the morning outside the home where he was staying. In Los Angeles the crowds grew to 7,000.

Stephen arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on October 22nd with his wife and nephew Tom Thomas, his sister Ann’s son as his song leader; where, in spite of atrocious weather, the crowds gathered just as they had done everywhere else, and with meeting in the Exhibition Hall, Wellington with 1,400 attending climbing to 2,000. Other meetings were held in New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Christchurch. Then followed the Annual conference of the New Zealand Assemblies of God moving on to Auckland.

The same results of convincing conversions and amazing healings. A letter from Stephen in Redemption Tidings, February 1929, gave his own story of the healing of a Maori Chief.

'A doctor belonging to the Maori people had been attending some of the meetings, and the Chief of the tribe was poorly with cancer; so he told him that he could hold out no hope for him and advised him to try to get me. I shall never forget the welcome they gave us. I prayed for the chief and I am glad to say the Lord wonderfully touched him. He rose up, walked about and came into town.'

Stephen's restrained account was typical of the man. Fortunately, his nephew, Tom Thomas, who was with his uncle as campaign soloist, added more details:

'Pastor Stephen laid his hands on the poor emaciated body of the Maori Chief. The power of God descended in answer to his prayer and the once-dying man literally shook from head to feet. To the amazement of the tribe, he got up from his bed and walked, a thing he had not done for a considerable time. He shouted and waved his hands, saying: "I am healed." The result was electrifying. There was no need to appeal for converts. They just fell on their faces and cried to God for salvation.'

From New Zealand Stephen moved on to Australia. In the Richmond suburb of Melbourne, a newsvendor, a well-known figure on the street corners, who had been deaf and dumb since the 1914-18 war, was brought into an afternoon healing service. His friends brought him in mainly as a joke but the power of God was present in a powerful way that night and when Stephen laid his hands upon him he both spoke and heard. This once deaf mute went down the Hall waving his hands and shouting: 'Jesus has healed me!' Still shouting he ran out into the street. Stephen seeing this turned to his nephew and said “there goes my congregation!” however, It was no wonder that overflowing crowds returned and thronged the building that night.

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