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Friday, 17 January 2014

William Jeffreys A SHORT HISTORY

WILLIAM JEFFREYS A SHORT HISTORY (brother of Stephen and George Jeffreys)

William married "Jane" and had eight children. 1. Thomas who moved to Port Elizabeth South Africa and had one son Ken who lived in Swansea. 2. George who married Connie. They had one son Peter who married Carole and lived in Clitheroe. 3. Jennett who married a preacher and had no children. 4. Mary who had one daughter, Jean. 5. Doris who married Ernie and had one son called Robert who lives in Tunbridge Wells. 6. Naomi who was married and had one son, John. 7. Haden who married Elsa and had no children. 8. Iorwerth who married Myra and had three children - Alun, Philip and Helen.

Pastor William's ministry led him to Pentremalwyn chapel in Morriston, Swansea. Also Electric Avenue in Westcliffe on Sea, Essex. He had revival meetings in Cornwall and Kent.

I remember my Grandmother Sylvia Thomas talking about William. I believe that he had a very good sense of humour and fun and was quite good with his hands. William visited my grandparents whilst they lived in London and did some odd jobs for them. This was a great help as my grandfather at the time was busy with the pastorate of the Bible Pattern Church Barking Essex.

He is buried in Edmonton cemetery, North London with his wife Jane.

I will add more infomation when I have it.   Also see the Jeffreys familey tree article on 31/10/2011 which includes short history infomation about Williams brother Stephen and his son Edward.


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